This PR Course is not just about identifying your brand story. We dig deep into that story and find the key elements that create a relatable brand story. Then, you learn how to tell your story to the right people at the right time so that they remember you, tell others about you, and of course, buy from you.

— Arden McLaughlin, Purpose.Pitch.Perform. Course Creator & PR Guru

Purpose. Pitch. Perform.

A Public Relations Course

Go from PR novice to Media Relations & Brand Expert.

Learn how to utilize your unique story and use it to boost your social media platforms, get featured on television, magazines, blogs, podcasts and more, all while building a personal brand and growing your business. Purpose.Pitch.Perform. is a unique take on decades of experience in public relations mixed with God-given storytelling ability in one masterclass.

Definita is dedicated to ensuring all prosper during COVID-19 and its seemingly unending economic impact so this class is available to purchase for all six sessions, or a la carte per session.

In this Public Relations Course you will:

~ Create your brand story through Definita’s unique program.
~ Develop strategies to bring this story to life.
~ Create a media plan that works for your brand story.
~ Build relationships with members of media across the country.
~ Learn day-to-day branding strategies to Define Yourself.
~ Maximize everything you learn to be an effective PR practitioner.

Purpose. Pitch. Perform. An Extensive PR Workshop


Purpose. Pitch. Perform.


Create Your Brand Story

Bring Your Story to Life

Develop Your Media Plan

Meet The Media

Day-To-Day Branding

Maximize Your PR Efforts



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