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Creating Jobs for Creatives During COVID

Dec 02, 2020


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Charlotte Woman Opens First Black, Female-Owned Luxury Salon Suites

Creatives now have space to build a business while maintaining COVID-19 protocols

CHARLOTTE, NC - Finding a home to create your craft isn’t always easy. Though many believe creatives can work anywhere they often need the support of a solid business plan and marketing resources behind them to help them reach their target audiences.

Highly sought-after hair stylist, Shassity Stevenson has created a home for hair stylists and estheticians in Charlotte with Skye Salon Suites; the area’s first black, female-owned luxury salon suites. In addition to creating an opportunity to blend beauty and business seamlessly, Skye Salons offer its suitemates an added benefit: The ability to double book clients.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions in North Carolina, stylists have had to cut their business – sometimes in half – because they can no longer double book clients. Prior to COVID restrictions hair stylists and estheticians could have two or more people in their rooms at one time. As a client waited for products to process another could be serviced. These “double bookings” allowed for more clients seen and more revenue made.

As we continue to experience a global pandemic stylists see no end in sight to the one client at a time social distance requires.

Until now.


Skye Salon Suites has a lounge area that doubles as a coworking space.


“I planned for social distancing before it happened,” Stevenson said. “That has been my saving grace and will save my salon suitemates too. We can service multiple clients, and service them safely and efficiently. Because people are working remotely a lot more, people are still able to get their services and then in the lounge [while they process], we have connectivity and WiFi. It is really the perfect blend of this new normal.”

Skye Salon tenants can be provided with a virtual assistant and equipment. It is located at 8500 Pineville-Matthews Road, Suite M, Charlotte and has suites available now. To book your tour, visit and scroll to the bottom of the home page.

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